Shower her with Love

When all else fails shower her with love.

When she has fallen out of love, shower her with love.

When she won’t take you back, shower her with love.

When she says that you’re the biggest mistake of her life, shower her with love.

When everything you’ve worked for seems falling apart, shower her with love.

You have got nothing else to loose anyway, shower her with love.

Ayoko Na!

Dear Lord

I am trying to hold on as best as I can. But all this suffering and torment is too much for one to bear. 

Yes I have sinned… Again to my wife I have broken her trust once again by taking money from the store. 

It’s all my fault and I deserve all the repercussions of my actions. But please all this anger and hatred is unwarranted and it’s too much to bear.

I wish my wife can forgive me one last time. Jesus please help us one more time. It’s too much to bear Na po. Please I beg you please help us please!

When will all this suffering end?

I beg you please help me find peace. All this trials have depleted every energy I can muster.

Daddy please take me now…

Dear God, Lord Jesus, Mother Mary & Holy Trinity help my family please! I can’t take it no more…


In the beginning God created space, the moon, the earth, the sky, the sea , the earth and then he created man.

It was he who created man, therefore what God had created no man should destroy.

These past few months have been a terrible torment to my family. I even contemplated in taking my own life. 

Today is the first day I picked up and read the bible and this is the first verse/scripture I’ve read.

I now know dear Lord that it is only you who created us, and only you can take that away if you so choose.

My slow demise 

It’s already over a month since my wife caught me taking money (again) from the store sales. Needless to say this is all over for us. She does not want me back and I can’t continue life without her.

My work will take care of its self. All the pressures are no longer worth my energies. It’s like no matter how hard I try to make things better people will always try and bring you down. I’m caught in a place where even my morals are now in question just to please the client. It’s so difficult it makes me sick to my stomach. 

I cannot describe how sorry I feel right now. I’m so depressed I even envy people who just died or people with cancer. I just don’t want to wake up anyomore.

This mental torment has pushed me to the brink of committing suicide.

Slowly I start planning how I will end my life. It will be slow but it will be peaceful.

I’ve used up all my favors from God I only deserve to burn in hell.

I only wish I could see my dad one last time as I requested him to do so when I pass away.

I leave everything I own to my family. Our Tagaytay property will be owned by my wife. The property we always dreamed of owning one day. It was supposed to be a symbol of all our hard work, and I planned of spending the end of my days there with her. My wife who I love so much! I’m sorry for destroying us! I’m sorry for ruining your life and ours. All my monetary possessions are for my son. My only regret is not seeing you great as I know you will be one day.

I’m sorry dear Lord I’m sorry for being such a disappointment to you.


Opportunities come once in a lifetime. You just have to know when to take caution and when to pounce.


This particular set of photos were randomly taken during our recent trip. A simple composition I call openings.


This is my life how I perceive it to be.


I don’t expect everyone to understand, and that’s ok.


It’s really not meant trying to please everyone.


It’s about understanding yourself, and knowing who you really are.