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My First Car

I took a leave of absence yesterday 01/29/2018 and I think I just bought my first car!

It’s a 2005 Toyota Altis will a lot of bells.

I bought it for P250,000.00 ($5,000.00)

What happened?

My sister-in-law’s live-in partner under went angioplasty and were in desperate need of cash to pay the bills. He had 5 vehicles and he sold me this one.

I don’t know how to drive (but I am willing to learn) I don’t have a garage except for the one at the morgue.

I know it’s a bad investment or is it?

Time will tell but for now… it’s mine! Almost mine as of writing 😊

2018/01/30 Update:

It looks like I will be enrolling in SMART driving school. Initial lessons P2,200.00 ($44.00) for 5 hours. But realistically I will be needing more than that. These are indeed exciting times 😊 #MyFirstCar