My First Out of Town in two years.

The caption says it all. Although I lost/left my valuable tripod and my BPI Shirt during this business planning/outing, I once again sparked my creative juices to come up with images worthy of my laptop’s screensaver wallpaper.

The journey begins… (taken using my iPhone)

  Our arrival at the beach (taken using my iPhone)
My night shots. Tweaked with the help of Lightroom.

Group shot of my new family. Thanks for the warm welcome BPI. #MakeTheBestHappen

Back on Top

I am now posting inspirational stuff. My life is almost back to normal. 

I would like to say I never lost faith. But that wouldn’t be true. Let’s just say that despite me questioning his will he still have me more than what I wanted. And that is how great a God he is!

Entering a New Chapter 

As the dust settles from a very emotional very sad chapter in my history of mistakes, another door opens up.

I’m still waiting for the results of my medical but I am already preparing for the inevitable.

My career shift to another bank is almost complete. With this move I will close a chapter of my life and enter a new one.

Everything is still a mystery to me. But I already know it’s going to be exciting.

Our Daily Bread

Just sharing what I heard in today’s ODB reflection/reading. May your day be blessed.

It is a privilege to love Jesus. It is the best experience in life! Do we take the time to tell Him so? Do we express with words the beauty of our Savior? If we show His beauty with our lives, others will say, “No wonder you love Him!

It was just a dream

I woke up and Beng asked for my help plugging in the washing machine. As i leaned over she grabbed my head and kissed me. I kissed back with tears falling I said I was sorry and I was so happy that it was finally over. Over my right I heard Chrian coming in, I didn’t care I finally had my wife back! I swore that I would do right by her and never make the same mistake again. It was a long 1 minute kiss, I was sobbing and I thanked the Lord for finally hearing my prayers! Thank you God for finally ending this long silence. To you is the etrnal glory!

Then I woke up… Then I realized that things were still the same and that she had not forgiven me…

It was one of the saddest and most depressing dreams I’ve ever had. I cried for over a minute and then all I could think of was God giving me false hope.

But then I now realize that Satan was the one who played me. He knows how fragile I am and he took advantage of it.

Like the times I did stealing money from our store which is why my life is still this way.

I’m so sad right now and I still can’t see any hope in sight. Lord help me to hold on.