It was just a dream

I woke up and Beng asked for my help plugging in the washing machine. As i leaned over she grabbed my head and kissed me. I kissed back with tears falling I said I was sorry and I was so happy that it was finally over. Over my right I heard Chrian coming in, I didn’t care I finally had my wife back! I swore that I would do right by her and never make the same mistake again. It was a long 1 minute kiss, I was sobbing and I thanked the Lord for finally hearing my prayers! Thank you God for finally ending this long silence. To you is the etrnal glory!

Then I woke up… Then I realized that things were still the same and that she had not forgiven me…

It was one of the saddest and most depressing dreams I’ve ever had. I cried for over a minute and then all I could think of was God giving me false hope.

But then I now realize that Satan was the one who played me. He knows how fragile I am and he took advantage of it.

Like the times I did stealing money from our store which is why my life is still this way.

I’m so sad right now and I still can’t see any hope in sight. Lord help me to hold on.


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