Harana ni Lolo

IMG_0080After two long years we finally got the chance to visit our own special place (again). It immediately became one of my favourite places on this earth because the last time we were here we were serenaded by this old man playing his guitar while we had our dinner.

IMG_0086He had a very traditional way of singing his songs. It was almost as if it was an impromptu performance. He sang old Filipino folk songs with such passion and such heart that, through his voice (and his guitar) it was like as if we were transported back in time. To a place where everything was so romantic and everything was so simple. I swear my wife was “kilig” throughout the entire evening.

IMG_0082We hope that when we visit this place again we will still find him playing his guitar signing his “malalim na tagalog” songs and continue to enchant couples till the end of time…



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