The Philippines has adopted another sports fad… running. As my wife often insists running has been around forever it was never outdated. Sadly I beg to differ, it’s more popular now, perhaps more popular than ever.


Why does one run?


is it because of the cool shoes and trendy clothes?


is it because of the friends who are also into this sport?


is it about competing with yourself? Trying to be better than your previous time or pace?


or are you trying to compete with others hoping that you will emerge victorious?


maybe it’s everything above? Personally I think it’s a life lesson… about how to look and act without loosing your own identity. How to be a better friend. How to be a better person. How to accept defeat, and how to be humble in victory. It’s a journey of life, how to tackle obstacles and how to accept it’s challenges, all we need is the will to succeed and the courage to conquer all goals.


One thought on “Marathons

  1. nice post and pics. for me, completing the race is all that matters. in any case, when you can barely finish second or third from last, winning has never been an option 🙂

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