Food Trips: Cajun Red Rock

My family enjoy eating good food, is it hereditary? Did I get my palette from my Mom’s side of the family? Am I just using this as an excuse to cheat at my diet?

Since time and memorial people always have an unspoken love affair with food. We dress it up, we flirt with it, was savor it, it is at times “orgasmic”, we crave for it and we always come back for more. Food are uncomplicated its always there for you, it comforts you when you’re down and it always manages to give its unrequited love to satisfy you in your time of need.

Since I’ve been posting my food shots on my facebook wall the past few months everyone I know has either liked it or suggested  other restaurants to try.  I am not an expert food critic, I’m just a simple man who enjoys eating out with my family. I offer a lay-man’s perspective of the various restaurants existing around Metro Manila. People are free to criticize and offer their own opinion about the places I’ve visited. Food to me is subjective it is an acquired taste (no pun intended) what is delicious to me  may disgust others.  It may not be healthy (organic) that’s their opinion, but to me food is more than just nourishment its supposed to be uplifting, its supposed to be… a love affair.

Cajun Red Rock

It’s a restaurant along Retiro St. in Quezon City. I was introduced to this resto by my Boss for a heavy and satisfying lunch break. In all honesty I forgot the occasion (if there was ever one to begin with).  Beng and I always saw this place but we never dared to enter it, one because we thought it was too pricey, two because no one was eating there. I finally got the nerve to enter with the help of an experienced customer(my boss, are you still with me?). Immediately the ambiance was pleasant, it was homey, it was dare I say comfortable. The waiter handed me the menu… not bad. The prices were reasonable enough and affordable for a middle class Juan like me.

jack daniel’s ribs

I ordered the Jack Daniel’s Ribs and I must say, I fell in love at first bite! Over the next few weeks i was in a trance, the words kept me up all night: slide-off-the-bone-baby-back-ribs! I even posted a couple of pictures on my facebook account and it immediately got a dozen hits! That same night after my very inspiring lunch break, I asked my wife out on a date! We tried the other food on their menu. Beng was a shrimp lover (don’t anyone get any funny ideas!) She enjoyed eating shrimps in any way they were cooked. So it was only a foregone conclusion that she ordered the seafood jambalaya.

seafood jambalaya with saffon rice

This unique dish is severed with its own curry like sauce, the dish included shrimps and calamari that goes well with the restaurant’s own unique saffon rice. We also ordered their green iced tea(a must try for iced tea lovers). All our previous assumptions about the place was quickly debunked. We got hooked and this became one of our favorite restaurants. The food was satisfying, it was a pleasant experience, it was… orgasmic!

left: Cajun Salad right Cajun Cheese Burger

In my opinion, Cajun Red Rock Retiro is one of the Metro’s Best kept secrets. The place is warm and cozy, the staff are friendly and never annoying (they respect your privacy). Kudos to Chef Tony (also the owner Chef Tony’s Popcorn) for putting up such a fine restaurant. We’re coming back again next week. I want my ribs with the country potatoes and buttered veggies!

until we meet again…


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