Starting from scratch…


Last week my son Chrian mistakenly powered off our PC without shutting down, end result the entire C: drive got corrupted and I had to re-format. With my limited resources and limited tech knowledge I had to treat this old PC like a new born baby… I had to one by one install all the software I so patiently uploaded/installed.

Gone are our old pictures, videos, games… the works. Even my office documents “kaput!” and so off to the shop I go… picking up the pieces one by one. Looking for the software I need to make my PC personal again… I had great plans for this blog.

for my second entry I was supposed to write about the comparison between Ellen and Paula Abdul… how they would impact the crowd, their sexual preference, the impact on the Philippine economy… you know a very simple topic?!? 🙂paula-abdul-pic-getty-image-4-998609851

for my third post I was supposed to write how Kanye West made a “jackass” out of himself on television… how he had transformed himself from an “asshole” into a “jackass”… even planned to compare him with a local noon time TV show host who might run for Vice-President in our God-forsaken-actor/actress-laiden-political-landscape-and-i-don’t-know-if-the-people-are-even-thinking-who-can-make-our-country-a-better-place-to-live-in country.


such timely topics that was supposed to make me into a superstar of the blogging world… I was on my way to greatness, fame and fortune was at my finger tips, but it was snatched all away from me by an untimely power-off. All the pain, the anguish, the countless therapy I will have to go in order for me to cope up with my lost glory.

Nah, just kidding! 🙂 I love my son to death, it was all an accident.

stangling my son...(strangling my son.. another Kodak moment)

I may be a little bitter (hence this blog) but it’s nothing monumental a few hours can’t fix. 😀 😀 😀 The memories of the lost photos I will forever cherish, the countless wall papers are still available on the internet, the programs are updated every 6 months.

Last September 10th I just started blogging, maybe it’s also timely that I start with a clean slate and new software to boot… (no pun intended) 🙂


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