My first blog…

I looked at the clock… it’s already 11:30pm, 30 minutes until midnight(Manila Time)  just minutes away from 9/11 and almost a whole day away from that fateful day, when the single greatest catastrophe in human history unfolded. I couldn’t sleep that night, I was questionably awake, I turned on the T.V. hoping to catch a late night comedy.  CNN was already showing live footage on how a plane strategically hit one of the two towers and how the building collapsed and was reduced into rubble. By this single moment in our history, airplane regulations became insanely strict! And the U.S. government, specifically it’s president waged an all out war against terrorism. Soon many nations followed in suit, our Philippine government joined the band wagon just to look good to our foreign allies.

Heavy stuff for my first blog… 🙂

Hello people glad you could join me… I’m a very opinionated person with a lot on his mind. I don’t expect everyone to be interested in what I have to say. I’m a guy…  so that means I have to be visual. I have to keep you interested with the new technology. So expect Pictures, Videos, a lot of craziness and a lot of topics that comes from the heart… mine specifically! 🙂

If you’re wondering where I got the title for this blog, actually this is the title of my college thesis paper: David Hume’s Origin of Ideas : In a nut-shell Hume explains that an Idea is conceived when a person experiences a sensation though his five major senses. Original Ideas such as a “Pink Elephant” are just the association of two pre-conceived sensations namely: the sensory experience of the color Pink to another sensory experience (be it sight,  touch, smell<yuck!> and taste <double yuck!!!>)  of an Elephant. You get the general idea… (if you wish to debate more on this topic leave a comment below :-))

I’m glad you could join me in my everyday adventure about this journey that we call life. As I used to say way back in college, “Life is like a road” lots of twists and turns, lots of ups and downs, there are times that it may be bumpy and there are times when everything is smooth. So come with me, I can’t guarantee a better view every time… but I surely can guarantee that “It’s worth the trip” 😉


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